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In order to best serve you, please help us with the following:

  1. Put the correct materials in the correct cart. Garbage, yard debris, and recycling are collected in different trucks and taken to different places for processing. Don’t contaminate yard debris or recycling by putting garbage in them. If you have occasional extra garbage, call us for service options. If the wrong material is found in the wrong cart, additional fees will apply.
  2. Place the carts and bin within 3 feet of the curb or roadside on the night before your collection day. Lids must be closed, and fronts should face the street. Place the bin near the road so that it doesn’t block sidewalks, driveways, public streets, or other rights of way.
  3. Arrange the carts and bin with at least 1 foot between them so the truck hydraulic arms can safely empty the carts. To avoid damage, place carts at least 3 feet away from mailboxes, cars, telephone poles, trees, etc.
  4. Don’t block access to carts or turn-around areas on your collection day. Our trucks are as big as fire trucks and need room to maneuver safely, without backing up. Locations with difficult access, private roads, and long driveways may incur additional fees or receive limited service. You may have to bring your carts and bin to a location that is accessible to our trucks.
  5. The carts and bin are the property of Clackamas Garbage. Customers are responsible for damage, so don’t paint, cut, melt, or otherwise damage them. Return the carts and bin to your house after they are emptied.  Any lost, stolen, or damaged carts will be charged accordingly.
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